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 Dana Alleyne’s Boyfriend Fatally Shot by Police after Taking her Hostage

Dana Alleyne’s Boyfriend Fatally Shot by Police after Taking her Hostage

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THE boyfriend of Dana Alleyne, the sister of Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne,  died in hospital after being shot by police.

Police said Keone Paryag, 34,  was holding Dana against her will at gunpoint and was demanding a meeting with her brother Ian.

Police were called to the scene at an apartment building on Biljah Road in Chaguanas.


In a video circulating on social media, Paryag was heard shouting, “Ian me and you alone. Everybody back off!”

Ian Alleyne was also seen brandishing his licenced firearm at the scene.


Central Divisional head acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar arrived on the scene with other officers.

He was heard telling Paryag, “Drop it. I’m begging you.”

Mystar told local media that the Paryag came out of the apartment brandishing a gun and was told to drop the weapon.

He said police were fearful for their lives and had no choice but to shoot the suspect.

Mystar said Paryag was shot in his leg.


In the video, gunshots were heard and after Dana, who was crying, was escorted into a vehicle.

She was asking her brother if her boyfriend was shot saying that it was the first time he behaved in that manner.

Police said Paryag died at hospital.

Investigators said doctors found narcotics in Paryag’s blood.

And in a related matter, Police Commission Gary Griffith has said he has launched an investigation as to why Ian Alleyne was seen along with other officers at the scene.

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