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Police Charge La Romaine Man with Dr Sharma’s Murder

A 19-year-old La Romaine man has been charged with the murder of Dr Rudradeva Sharma, 38, and Akeem Marine, 19, on January 15. Antonio Francois, of Bamboo Village in La Romaine, is also charged with of kidnapping and robbery of Sharma. He was charged after advice from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul on […]Read More

TTPS: Doctors Kidnapped While Smoking Marijuana

  Dr Rudradeva Sharma TWO doctors of the San Fernando General Hospital were smoking marijuana when they were kidnapped during the early hours of Wednesday. Dr Rudradeva Sharma, who died in the incident, and Dr Prem Naidoo had purchased marijuana in Plesantville and then went to Rushworth Street extension in San Fernando to smoke the […]Read More

A Cousin’s Pain: Dr Rudradeva Sharma a Great Soul

  Judith Khan-Singh, the cousin of Dr Rudradeva Sharma, who died when he was abducted with another doctor during the early hours of January 15, 2020, was asked by AZPNews to pay tribute to him. She says he was a kind soul that loved to help others…   My heart is broken into millions of […]Read More

Kidnap Suspect Dies, Doctor Discharged Tells Police How they were

  SAN FERNANDO – A kidnapping suspect has died at the San Fernando General Hospital on Thursday morning. Akeem Marine, of Lady Hailes Avenue in San Fernando, was one of three suspects warded after a vehicle in which two doctors were kidnapped overturned on the Solomon Hochoy Highway near Macaulay on Wednesday morning. He died […]Read More