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St Lucians Told to be Vigilant after 69 People Found in Cages in Trinidad Church

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ST LUCIA  THE Department of Home Affairs and National Security is calling on the St Lucia people to be vigilant when it comes to human trafficking.

In a release the Department stated, “ There is an ongoing campaign which has resulted in growing awareness on this issue and there is a hotline based at the Police Control Room, Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“By simply calling 847 or T.I.P., at any time the public can report any cases of suspected human trafficking to the Police.

“The lawmen will respond and investigate accordingly. Persons who prefer not to provide their identification are not required to do so.”


The release comes in the wake of a sting operation by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on a church where 69 people were being held in cages while others were handcuffed to beds.

Police found tasers and batons also.

The St Lucia Department of Home Affairs and National Security told the public to pay close attention to this issue which can happen anywhere.

The Saint Lucia website on human trafficking:

The Facebook page:

The Department of Home Affairs and National Security encourages persons to like those pages, subscribe for free, and follow the anti – trafficking campaign, for continuous updates, information and awareness.


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  • This was a foolish characterization by the Trinidad and Tobago’s Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.
    In fact it was a rehab home where there were also some people with mental health issues.

    Their guardians and the drug addicts gave permission to be restrained in the event of hostile behaviour. Only 6 people were found in cells.

    Gary Griffith in his usual style of exaggeration and flamboyance stupidly called it slavery and human trafficking.

    The pastor who ran the home is YET to be charged with any offence and is free!

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