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Police: No Ballot Boxes Missing

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

POLICE are continuing their investigations concerning the poll cards which were found abandoned in Arima two days after the general election on Monday.

Speaking at a media conference on Friday, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayson Forde  said the Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) and TTPOST are assisting with investigations.
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A video of the find at Pinto Road, Arima was circulated on social media.

Forde said when the investigations were complete, the public will be further informed.

Forde also added that contrary to again what was being circulated on social media, no ballot boxes were taken to the Tunapuna Police Station from a polling station in Tunapuna.
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He said, “The entire Tunapuna Police Station and its surroundings, the entire compound was search thoroughly and guess what that search turned up. Nothing. No boxes were found. But more than that, we also had a conversation with the Returning Officer for the Returning Centre that the allegation was made against and lo and behold, the Returning Officer said that all ballot boxes were accounted for.”

Police Commissioner Captain Gary Griffith said generally the election had minimal issues with the exception of the police being accused of obstructing the voting process in Curepe and many complied with Covid-19 regulations even after the announcement of results.


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