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Covid-19 Affects Hall of Justice, 2 Other Courts

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THREE facilities operated by the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago including the Hall of Justice have temporary adjustments to operations due to Covid-19.
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In  press releases on Modnay, the Judiciary stated that the Hall of Justice in Port-of-Spain, the Supreme Court in Tobago and the Siparia District Court have adjustments.

No-one is allowed in to the Hall of Justice until sanitisation is complete. There is no in-person hearings at the facility that houses the Court of Appeal, High Courts Civil, Criminal and Probate.
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The Judiciary stated that several officers are presently being tested for Covid-19.

“While no-one has been confirmed as Covid-19 positive, the usual precautions for this level of exposure have  called for the current course of action.”

Email addresses for the various courts are as follows:

Court of Appeal –

High Court (Civil) –

High Court (Criminal) –

High Court (Probate) –

Adjustments have also been made to the Children’s Court in Tobago  which is housed in the same building as the Supreme Court.
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The Judiciary stated, “Vacating the building has become necessary as a precautionary measure given that the Covid-19 status of some officers is being examined. While no one has been confirmed as Covid-19 positive, the usual precautions for this level of exposure have called for the current course of action.”

The Court may be contacted at:  223-1060 Exts. 1445/2002. The Children Court can be contacted at 223-1060 exts. 6002/6040.

And at the Siparia District Court, there will be limited in-person activity. The measure came into effect on Monday 24.  There continues to be  no in-person hearings. Persons seeking to enter the court must make an appointment to visit the building either by telephone or email. Contacts for the court are 223-1060, ext. 1932, 1933, 1935, 1941, 1945.

Other telephone numbers are: 312-1899, 355-6059, 287-8016.

The Siparia District Court email address is

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