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Commentary: Politicians are not Gods, But are Like Mangoes

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By Alicia Chamely

We want justice! Corruption must end! Unless the alleged corrupt person is from the party I support. Because, you see, while he might a steal a few a million or so, he is my tanties MP, he paved a road and kiss meh baby, so he aint that bad! It’s the other party that should make jail! Leave meh party alone!

This is why we continue to go nowhere in this country.

We complain about corruption and demand accountability, but apparently we have some very lopsided and backwards stipulations.
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If the said corrupt politician or official is a member of the party you support then any allegation or proof of corruption is either false or part of a set up. Even if the act of corruption is proven and is blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain cell, if that politician is a member of the party you support it’s forgivable.

The most recent example of this type of logic can be seen in Thursday’s ruling by Justice James Aboud. Justice Aboud dismissed preliminary applications bought forth by five contractors alleged to be a part of a ‘cartel’ scheme along with former government minister Dr Roodal Moonilal and former top officials from the Estate Management and Business Development Company (EMBD).

Aboud denied the group’s request to have the allegations thrown out, citing that there was sufficient evidence that the case could be taken to trial.

Well ladies and gentlemen it did not take long before Moonilal supporters came out in full defense of their beloved. Justice Aboud was accused of being a PNM puppet. The entire case was called a fabrication by the PNM Government to steal elections.
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Some people didn’t even deny the alleged wrong doings, but instead justified them because they believe the UNC did a lot more to help the people than the PNM, and the PNM has the AV Drilling scandal, emailgate, the closure of Petrotrin, etcetera, etcetera.

Before I get accused of being one sided, the same thing happened when former Minister of Public Administration Marlene McDonald was accused and charged under allegations of corruption and misbehavior in public office.

Boy, people cried! The investigators were wrong! She has done so much for her community! It’s a conspiracy to bring a good woman down! Yeah she might be guilty but she should be forgiven because what about Life Sport! The Airport! She really didn’t steal that much.
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I swear any politician, in government, opposition or hopeful, could come strolling out of the treasury with two duffle bags full of cash, boldly proclaiming “watch me! Watch me! I tiefing! I tiefing!” and their supporters would come to their defense.

Why people? What is it about politicians that make a great portion of us completely dotish?

These supporters and their cult like devotion to their party or politician of choice are beyond reason.

It’s not just corruption that is forgivable, but bad behavior in general. From racist remarks to disgusting displays of misogyny it appears that it can all be dismissed and justified.

Take for example when the leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party, Phillip Edward Alexander, called a member of the media a “house negro” and went on to say some rather crude things about a female media personality. Any straight thinking human being would have been like, “dude, really? Uncalled for, not right.”

Not PEP supporters, they found 1,763 ways to defend his statements. It was actually a bit funny since they regularly call PNM, UNC, COP supporters brainwashed diehards and then fail to see they are mirroring them same exact behaviors of justification.

Ancel Roget bought up the same “house negro” line this week and it was still wrong and somehow still got defended and justified.
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You can disagree with something someone whom you support says. Ignoring the wrong does not make it right.

Listen before we go into elections I need to get this off my chest. Politicians are not Gods or deities. They not are magical saviors who must be protected and worshipped.

Politicians and public officials are like mangoes. Some are good and some are bad. Eating the bad ones just because they come from your favourite tree is spiting yourself and will leave you with nothing but stomach troubles.
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So please, can we all stop drinking the Kool Aid and let common sense prevail. Demand accountability, demand excellence and demand that those found with their hands in the honey pot face the consequences of their actions no matter what side they are on.



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