Young:33 TT Nationals in Barbados will have to Arrange Flight Home

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NATIONAL Security Minister says if the 33 Trinidad nationals in Barbados find their way home, they will be tested for Covid-19.

He said they must bear the responsibility of returning home since Trinidad and Tobago borders remain closed.

Speaking at the virtual news conference on Easter Sunday, Young said, “The government of Trinidad and Tobago, after consultation with the Chief Medical Officer, took a decision not to put Barbados in a position to use the shortage of swabs that they have there to test our 33, but that they would be tested on their return to Trinidad and Tobago.”

He said a decision was not yet taken about the 33 test kits that TT sent over to Barbados for the nationals. 

Young said, “The government of TT has made it very clear that every matter would be dealt with on a case by case basis and they would have to make their way home and that remains our position.” 

Young says there was a process for TT nationals who are stuck abroad to abide by to return home.

Regarding TT nationals in Venezuela and Margarita, Young said information reaching him from the TT embassy in Venezuelan revealed that someone was parading as a TT national.

He said, “I have been provided with information by our embassy in Caracas that Yesenia Gonzales and her family have been calling persons in Margarita purporting to be from our government and representing our embassy and requesting personal information under the guise that they are organising for the government’s repatriation flight.”


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