WhatsApp Group Helps Recover Stolen Car

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By Prior Beharry

WITH the help of a community WhatsApp group, police were able to recover a motor car minutes after it was stolen.

Police also issued 36 tickets during exercises on Friday and Saturday.

Reports indicated a white AD Wagon was stolen at El Socorro Extension on Friday night.


Police said assistance was rendered by posting the incident on a community WhatsApp group and this led to the car being recovered within minutes of the crime. Police officers are also part of this group and monitor it, sources said.

A Toyota Aqua that was stolen in Woodbrook was also recovered after a high-speed chase on Don Miguel in San Juan. Police said the sole occupant of the vehicle crashed it and escaped.


The exercises were coordinated by Snr Supt Edwards, Supt Ghool in Barataria district and were supervised by Insp Sunil Bharath, Sgts Pierre, Rivers and Cpls Andrews and Cato. They took place between 9 am on Friday and 5 am on Saturday.

Police said 36 tickets were also issued for various offences.



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