What’s the PM’s Objective with the DPP

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By Neil Gosine

THE Prime Minister seems to have no clue how to govern Trinidad and Tobago so he continues to rely on the usual “blame Kamla” and the United National Congress (UNC) to distract from his government’s inability to offer any plans to deal with the problems affecting the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The PM came out swinging as usual stating he and his government was not attacking the DPP’s office yet it was clear when he originally made his statement where he accused the Office of the DPP of wasting taxpayers’ money when the DPP was asking for security measures to be put in place at a building the government had sourced for its operations.

The PM stated that his government went and found the executive offices for the DPP over three years now and stated further that after three years of finding the executive offices for the DPP, he has not put one foot inside the office and that his government was paying “millions of dollars in rent.”


The PM basically described it as throwing money away in rent and said his government efforts to outfit the building also went down the drain. They asked for bulletproof glass, they got bulletproof glass and then they asked for a wall outside the bulletproof glass. So he further described it as “this is the kind of nonsense that is going on in this country.”

If that’s not attacking the DPP then what is? So with his usual deflect and blame others, he blasted Kamla and blamed reporters as well, for getting what he said was wrong and used this to distract us from what he originally said on the March 23, 2023. The prime minister went on to blast the opposition leader for what she stated in her last Monday night report where she said that the Rowley administration was fearful of the DPP so therefore there was a plot to remove him from office.

Obviously, the DPP was affected by the criticism of the PM because the DPP Roger Gaspard, SC, was reported by the media as seeking counsel to respond to the blasting from Dr Rowley during a People’s National Movement (PNM) public meeting in Barataria on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

The opposition leader has many questions about what is really going on here. She listed several questions that Rowley didn’t answer at his news conference, including:

  • Is the DPP’s staffing concerns going to be addressed?
  • There are several concerns about the DPP’s security within the building on Park Street, Port of Spain, will it be addressed anytime soon?
  • What is being done about the Special Branch security report?
  • Why wasn’t a security report done before renting the building for the DPP?
  • What about the DPP’s pronouncement that the criminal justice system is on the verge of collapse?
  • If there is not an attack on the DPP’s office as claimed by the PM, why is he seeking legal counsel to address what the PM said?

The prime minister continues to criticise the opposition leader and everyone associated with her and when she is asking valid questions does not respond to them. Kamla Persad-Bissessar said that “according to Rowley, everyone in the country is the problem beside him”.


Why are we always trying to get the truth out of these kinds of mixed messages from our PM instead of him just giving us the real facts on what’s happening and what the real story is.

In my humble opinion, it wasn’t right for the PM to use a political platform to criticise the Office of the DPP.

The attack can only undermine and destabilise the independent office of the DPP, so our opposition leader has gotten it right in this case. Something is not right here and doesn’t add up. The PM seems to be trying to frustrate Gaspard and force him into leaving the Office of the DPP.

I would really like to know what exactly was the real objective of the prime minister here.

Dr Neil Gosine is an insurance executive. He is also the treasurer of the UNC and a former chairman of the National Petroleum Marketing Company of Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, a Master’s in Business Administration MBA, BSC in Mathematics and a BA in Administrative Studies. The views and comments expressed in this column are not necessarily those of AZP News, a Division of Complete Image Limited.


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