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 Vincentians Complain of Respiratory Problems

La Soufriere volcano. Photo: UWI Seismic Research Seismic Centre

Vincentians Complain of Respiratory Problems

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

RESPIRATORY problems and skin issues are the main problems citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines are having following the volcanic eruption of La Soufrière last week.

Virtual Wellness, a Caribbean-based health and wellness website has offered its free medical services to Vincentians.

As of Friday, 117 Vincentians have accessed the health website and all have received care.

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In an update on Saturday, Virtual Wellness media director David Douglas said the most common complaints of the Vincentians were respiratory and skin issues which doctors were able to diagnose using live video chats and images. In most cases, the patients were advised on treatment and real-time feedback using its versatile Health AI platform.

Additionally, Vincentians with diabetes and high blood pressure were tracked using the Health Tracker service on the Virtual Wellness site and advised on management.

Founder and medical advisor Dr Navi Muradali added that thanks to the local, regional media and social media sharing, Vincentians and the other Caribbean residents were accessing the free consultations.

In addition, seven new doctors were added to the on-call roster to handle the volume of incoming requests related and unrelated to the volcanic eruptions.

While there are no major casualties, thousands have been displaced. Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) stated that to date, 7,879 individuals have been displaced and are seeking refuge in shelters.

The World Food Programme collected Mobile Storage Units and Portable Generators from CDEMA for transport to St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Thursday and  a second shipment is set to arrive on the island on Tuesday.

CDEMA has also created official bank accounts allowing for persons around the world to make direct donations to the La Soufrière relief efforts and the Regional Disaster Response Fund.

Other Trinidad and Tobago groups and agencies have also rallied to assist the disaster struck island by donating cots, clothing and food items.  Military troops were also sent with supplies loaded to assist.

National Security Minister Stuart Young thanked all who made the assistance possible.

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