Venezuelans get Work Permit Extension to December 31

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VENEZUELAN nationals who have registered Trinidad and Tobago work permits have been granted another extension to December 31.

The Ministry of National Security in media release on Monday invited persons already registered under the Migrant Registration Framework, which was set up in 2019, to visit the relevant Immigration Division, Enforcement Unit office from June 20 to July 28 to process their extended permits and update their registration cards.

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Upon registering for the extension, the Venezuelan nationals are required to present a completed immigration form that is available on the Ministry of National Security’s website, a certificate of character or receipt, a previously issued minister’s permit and previously issued registration card along with a passport-sized photograph for self and minors declared on the application form.

Documents are to be packaged, labelled with registrants’ names and updated contact information, and submitted at the relevant Immigration office locations.

Failure to visit the relevant Immigration office by July 28 would prevent further processing and incomplete applications would be considered as withdrawn, the Ministry stated.

Registrants were also urged to inform the Immigration Division of any changes in address or contact details upon visitation.

All approved applicants will be issued with new minister’s permits, which will be valid until December 31.

Existing registration cards will be updated with a sticker indicating the new date of expiry.

In the instances where registration cards have been lost, stolen or mutilated, new cards will only be issued upon completion of the relevant statutory declaration and payment of a replacement fee of $500.

Registrants will be advised on the ministry’s website when their minister’s permits are ready for collection.

A list of Minister’s Permits numbers will be posted to the Ministry of National Security’s website and social media pages, indicating the scheduled dates when persons holding those card numbers must visit the relevant Immigration office, the release stated.


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