UP Candidate: Party School to Educate the Future

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By Chantalé Fletcher

UNITED Patriots Education Officer candidate Shanta Devi Seepersad says there is a need for a United National Congress (UNC) party school. 

Speaking at a meeting of the United Patriots at the Rio Claro East Secondary School on Wednesday night for the June 15 UNC internal elections, she said, “As this will remind our supporters and future generations of this party and what it means to be UNC.”


Seepersad said, “We can’t dismiss and exclude the legacies of those who have contributed to this great party. It is important  that the party school include a UNC library and archive for past Members of Parliament, Senators,  Councillors  and Stalwarts of this great party.

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“ Your dedication needs to be recognised.”

She then quoted former prime minister and founder of the UNC Basedeo Panday: “United to keep forever in our mind, our dream, national to indicate that unity is in the interest of the nation and its people, congress to reaffirm, reassess  our commitment  into consultation and participation by all our people in the decision-making process that affect our lives in a share  of national patrimony.”


Seepersad said, “The Hall of Fame will teach our younger ones and those who toiled and serve this party.  Our children should not grow up knowing Dr Eric Wiliams as this country’s  father but rather  Baseo Panday as the champion of the people.

“We need to instil in our children that it was the UNC government that installed schools, roads and police stations.Our children cannot be brainwashed into believing that thi is PNM country and blame UNC.”

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She said, “Only this team Patriots can re-energise the UNC  to ensure we present the best   version of this UNC to defeat the PNM.”

Seepersad said her colleagues on the STAR team were afraid of the PNM and cautioned UNC members to choose wisely.

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She explained, “Our problem is not the ability to fight crime but to win a general election. So be careful who you select on Saturday  as this will be the team to take you into government  or the team to keep the PNM there.”


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