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 UNC: T&T Goes from Global Leader to Global Vagrant…  After PNM Removes Laptop Programme in Schools

UNC: T&T Goes from Global Leader to Global Vagrant…

After PNM Removes Laptop Programme in Schools
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THE United National Congress (UNC) says it’s an educational scandal that 50,000 students have never logged into the Education Ministry’s learning platform.

A release on Sunday stated, “The admission by the Ministry of Education that almost 50,000 students have never logged on to the ministry’s learning platform – and are therefore being left behind by Keith Rowley and the PNM Government — is heartbreaking. It is truly an education scandal.”

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The release by UNC Public Relations Officer Dr Kirk Meighoo

stated, “However, this exclusion and discrimination against our children has been the deliberate, heartless policy of the PNM, motivated by pure political spite and pettiness, regardless of whom it hurts.”

The release stated that it was a visionary programme ten years ago by the UNC to distribute laptops to every student and this put Trinidad and Tobago “in the vanguard of the world.”

It stated, “We were recognised globally as leaders. Our inclusive agenda of equality shrunk the digital and class divide. The poorest children from the most remote areas of the country received the exact same access to the world of information as did the most privileged children. This has always been our goal.

“The universal laptop programme was designed to get our children and our country ready for the future.”

It stated that under Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, T&T has fallen from global leader to global vagrant.

The release added, “Keith Rowley’s and the PNM’s spite and petty politics sought to tear down the programme from its beginning, just to avoid saying that the PP Government did anything good for the country. This was a lie, only for political gain, without a care for national welfare and the betterment of our children.”

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