Traffic as Man Dies on Highway

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Beetham Highway is now cleared following an early morning accident today (Tuesday January 23, 2024) that claimed the life of a 65-year-old pedestrian. 

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) stated that the highway, in the vicinity of the Maritime Overpass, has been cleared following the accident which occurred at around 5.20 am.

According to reports, a motorist was driving west along the Beetham Highway in the vicinity of the Maritime Overpass in the right lane, when his right wing mirror made contact with a male pedestrian.  

The man, who was walking west along the highway in the right lane fell following the impact and was struck by several other vehicles.  

The man, who was later identified as 65-year-old Krisha Ramgas succumbed to his injuries.

The TTPS extended condolences to Ramgas’ family and is urging the public to maintain caution when using the nation’s roadways. 

“All westbound lanes are now clear and officers are at the scene ensuring the smooth flow of traffic,” the TTPS stated in a release at 9.40 am on Tuesday.

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One thought on “Traffic as Man Dies on Highway

  1. A National Transportation plan should be developed over a period of 25yrs.
    1.A mass transit system Train/Semi Rapid Rail
    a) Train Locomotive or Semi Rapid Rail.
    eg from Point Fortin to POS, POS to Piarco Sangre Grande
    2. Small scale of transport
    Efficient Bus Service 50-seater For Cities/
    Boroughs to connect surrounding environs.
    Maxi of 25 seaters for intercity transfer.
    3.Two new Highways
    a) Westto East Highway Sando/Mayaro
    b) North to South Curepe/Princes Town
    4.Existing Road development.
    a) from Debe to Point Fortin.
    b) The Penal Rock Rd to Moruga.

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