Ticket Gift Vouchers for CPL

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Caption: Martin Guptill of Trinbago Knight Riders hits a 4 during the 2023 CPL. Photo CPL via Getty Images

By Prior Beharry

THE Republic Bank Caribbean Premier League (CPL) launches Ticket Gift Vouchers, providing customers with the opportunity to share the joy of CPL cricket with their friends and family or manage the cost of tickets for themselves.

These versatile vouchers can be utilised to purchase tickets for any CPL match.

To acquire these Ticket Gift Vouchers, interested individuals can visit the CPL’s official website at www.cplt20.com.


Once obtained, the vouchers can be applied to offset the cost of tickets for Republic Bank CPL and Massy WCPL matches when purchased online.

Chris Watson, CPL’s Head of Marketing said, “We are very excited to introduce this new way for fans to purchase CPL tickets, and we are sure that these will make a fantastic gift for any occasion. It also allows games to be more accessible by giving fans the chance to spread out the cost of tickets.”


Watson expressed hope that the Ticket Gift Vouchers would encourage fans to attend CPL matches, making it an even more engaging experience.

“We are looking forward to welcoming fans back to CPL when we get underway in August, and we hope lots of those fans at our matches have been gifted vouchers so they can attend,” he added.

You can buy CPL Ticket Gift Vouchers here. 



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