‘Mama Nellie’ Still Batting at 100

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Caption: Nellie ‘Mama Nellie’ Jagdeo is flanked by loved ones as she celebrates her 100th birthday

LONGDENVILLE – THE Ministry of Social Development and Family Services extends a warm welcome to the newest member of the Centenarian Club Nellie Jagdeo.

The former seamstress marked her 100th birthday on Wednesday at the Paradise Retreat Senior Citizens Home in Longdenville.

Known affectionately as “Mama Nellie,” the centenarian attributes her remarkable longevity to the power of prayer.


Alongside her deep spirituality, Jagdeo said her love for gardening and her “close and loving relationship with family, friends, and relatives” as essential keys to a long and fulfilling life.

When asked about her philosophy on life, she responded with a spirited, “I’m still batting.”

Originally hailing from Success Village in Laventille, Jagdeo reminisces about a bygone era when she used trains to travel to Port of Spain and tram cars to navigate around the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Among her cherished memories is a visit to Buckingham Palace in London, reflecting a life rich in diverse experiences.


As a mother of four, including the late Wayne Jagdeo, of Los Alumnos De San Juan, Jagdeo is also a proud grandmother to 20, a great-grandmother to 21, and a great-great-grandmother to one. When asked about her daily routine, she humorously shared that her days are spent “watching cars, people, and animals passing by from the gallery.”

For those wishing to join the National Centenarian Programme, the Ministry encourages individuals to visit their website at www.social.gov.tt to complete the online form or download a printable version. For further information, the Division of Ageing can be contacted at 623 – 2608, Extension 2001 to 2009, or via the toll-free number 800-OPIC (6742).



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