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Know the Law: Judge Can Inspect Documents at Case Management

By Ravi Nanga DURING the course of the case management conferences, the judge will make a number of orders that are necessary for the matter to proceed to trial. One such order will be for the disclosure and inspection of documents. This means that the parties will be required to disclose all the documents in […]Read More

All About a Case Management Conference

By Ravi Nanga THIS week we will continue to explore the course of a matter once it is filed in court. In the last article we looked at the issue of filing a reply to a defendant’s defence. The reply can either be filed with the defendant’s consent or with the permission of the court […]Read More

Health Ministry: Social Distance at Home Too

  By Sue-Ann Wayow THERE is an increase in persons contracting Covid-19 from clusters in families and the Ministry of Health is advising to practice social distancing even within the home. During the Ministry of Health’s virtual media conference on Wednesday, ministry officials again urged citizens to try as much as possible refrain from family […]Read More

Know the Law: Filing a Defence

    By Ravi Nanga ONCE a person is served with a Claim Form and Statement of Case, he is required to file an Appearance and file a Defence. Such a person is referred to as the defendant. The defendant has eight days from the date that they were served with the claimant’s documents in […]Read More

How to Start a Matter in Court

  By Ravi Nanga LAST week we examined what a pre-action protocol letter entails. This week we will look at the commencement of proceedings and what is required. In the event a dispute is not resolved at the stage of the pre-action protocol letter, it is necessary to file a Claim Form and Statement of […]Read More

All About The Pre-Action Protocol Letter

  By Ravi Nanga IN the past we looked at the process of commencing an action and saw a brief overview of the court process. In the next few weeks, we will look in some detail at the major steps in the legal process involving an action. This week we will examine what a pre-action […]Read More

The User-Friendly Civil Proceedings Rules

    By Ravi Nanga IN the past we looked at what was required to commence an action and what was to be expected once an action was filed in court, up to obtaining judgment. From the time a pre-action protocol letter is written, the Civil Proceedings Rules are invoked. These rules contain a comprehensive […]Read More

TTFA/FIFA Dispute Explained

  By Ravi Nanga A few weeks ago, Trinidad and Tobago was gripped in the dispute involving The Fédération Internationale De Football Association (FIFA) and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), culminating in the suspension of Trinidad and Tobago from FIFA. While Trinidad and Tobago remains suspended, our Court of Appeal has thankfully cleared […]Read More

How to File a Matter with the Equal Opportunity Commission

  By Ravi Nanga IN 2000 the Equal Opportunity Act was passed. The purpose of that Act was to prevent persons from being discriminated against and to provide a remedy in the event there was discrimination. The instances in which it is possible to discriminate against a person under the act are in relation to: […]Read More

How to Bring a Case to Court

  By Ravi Nanga IN the unfortunate event it becomes necessary to commence an action in court in order to seek a remedy, there are a number of steps that are required to be complied with before one can obtain a judgment. While it is not absolutely necessary that you seek the advice of a […]Read More