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Monday Crime Round-up: Laventille Man Held in Toco for Weed

    Police Find 12-Guage Shotgun By Sue-Ann Wayow A 53-year-old Princes Town man was arrested on Monday after a 12-gauge shotgun was found at his residence. Police reported that officers conducted an anti-crime exercise in the Princes Town district between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. The exercise involved the execution of […]Read More

Crime Round-up Monday: Man in Court for Kidnapping, 2 Held

    By Sue-Ann Wayow TWO men have been charged with larceny for the theft of a welding plant in Maloney. Police reported that the plant was stolen on August 11. Kenton Springer, 27, of Red Hill, D’Abadie, was arrested on Friday and subsequently charged with larceny. Further enquiries into the incident led to the […]Read More