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Our Children are Paying the Biggest Price

  TO quote the renowned poet Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam aka Akon: “Can’t wait to get out and move forward with my life (move on with my life) Got a family that loves me and wants me to do right But instead, I’m here locked up They won’t let me out” While Akon may […]Read More

Oh Little Black-Hearted Nation of Mine

  “The issue with Covid-19 isn’t its mortality rate. The issue is its high transmission rate and that many of those infected may need hospitalisation” OH little island nation of mine, you never fail to surprise me. As I have adamantly said before, it is my belief that over time we have become a nation […]Read More

Commentary: My Covid-19 Twilight Zone

PRIME Minister Keith Rowley, sensing the tension brewing among his people, decided to placate his people with an oh so charming Facebook post introducing the nation to his newest dog… aww. Naturally, my first instinct was to leave a snarky reply asking if he had paid for the dog or was it a gift. Luckily, […]Read More

Commentary: An Annoying Week

I am severely annoyed. This was by far one of the most annoying weeks for the year. My annoyance didn’t stem from one particular event but rather a series of somewhat small things that just kept adding to my existing aggravation. It all started on Monday when I realised my six-year-old daughter had out grown […]Read More

Covid-19: One Year Later

I used to have reoccurring nightmares where I am driving around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Around and around, completely unable to get off, get out of what appears to be a never ending loop. Sometimes my car has no brakes, sometimes my car randomly turns into a bicycle, it is weird I know and yes […]Read More

Commentary: Sexual Assault on a Man is not Funny

  SEXUAL assault or the threat of it, is arguably one of the most traumatic experiences a human can go through. Whether the victim be male or female, their experience must be handled with respect and in no way should be displayed in a manner that invites ridicule. This said, I must say I was […]Read More

Commentary: How My Husband Fixed a WASA Booster Station

  THE Water and Sewerage Authority is a mess. “What a surprise!” said absolutely no one. Except for President of the Public Services Association Watson Duke, whose modus operandi is to be completely contrary despite the obvious. In fact, Mr Duke claims WASA is the best it has ever been. He has even gone so […]Read More

Commentary: I Admire Maureen for Seeking Justice

  I would like to pay homage to my new personal hero Maureen Dilchan Maharajh. Who is this woman you ask and what has she done to deserve such admiration? Maureen Dilchan Maharajh is a woman seeking justice. She wants retribution for her husband’s death and she’s got no time for any slackness from absent […]Read More

Commentary: T&T in Mourning

‘If I want to drink a bottle of rum in a short skirt and six-inch heels, while doing the dutty wine in the bed of van, I should be able to do so without fear of being raped.’ By Alicia Chamely SOMETIMES there is simply nothing to say. Not because the words and thoughts are […]Read More

Commentary: No Coordination Among State Agencies

SOMETIMES I often wonder if our state agencies are completely oblivious to one another’s existence. Do WASA, T&TEC, the various ministry agencies and the regional corporations know of each other? I ask this because over the years it has become apparent that they do not, and it irks me. Last week T&TEC did one of […]Read More