Sunday’s Weather: Partly Cloudy with Showers

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FORECAST: Partly cloudy to cloudy at times with periods of light to moderate showery interruptions. There is a medium (40%) chance of heavy showers or isolated thunderstorms favouring Trinidad. Settled conditions are expected during the evening and night time. Gusty winds, street flooding and agitated seas can be expected in areas under heavy shower/thunderstorms.

Seas are slight to moderate with waves up to 1.5 metres in open waters and less than one metre and occasionally choppy in sheltered areas.

All persons with marine interests are advised to exercise caution in near-shore areas especially during high tides due to the presence of long-period swells and spring tides.

Port of Spain
High: 2.37 am and 2.57 pm
Low: 8.40 am and 9 pm
High: 2.52 am and 3.09 pm
Low: 8.56 am and 9.19 pm
Forecast maximum temperature:
Piarco: 33℃
Crown Point: 32℃
Sunrise: 5.55 am Sunset: 5.44 pm
*Information courtesy of the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service


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