Let Mother Lakshmi’s Light Shine – Dr Parasram

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

LET your light shine in the darkness.

Dharmachary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Dr Rampersad Parasram in his Divali message to citizens said with all the darkness around, light needed to emanate from the hearts of the people.

On Friday, Dr Parasram delivered the feature address at Divali celebrations hosted by Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West Dinesh Rambally.

The religious and cultural Divali presentation was held at the Invaders Recreation Ground in Felicity.


Dr Parasram was honoured by Rambally for his contribution to Hinduism.

Focusing on goddess Mother Lakshmi, who is worshipped at Divali, Dr Parasram told attendees, “We need to have the light of the Mother, shine whenever there is darkness. So, where there is deprivation, where there is poverty, where there are problems in society, we pray to the Mother to shine her divine light there so that those people could come out of that state of darkness into the state of light.”

Kandice Rambally, left, and Nelisha Paray

He also encouraged devotees that while they celebrate, they must also remember those less fortunate than them and those whose lives were in darkness.

“Even as we light lamps in our homes we pray to the Mother of the Universe that they should all be in a better place come the day after Divali,” Dr Parasram said.


Also in attendance were Member of Parliament for Mayaro Rushton Paray, Opposition Senators Jearlean John, Anil Roberts and Damian Lyder and local government councilor for Felicity/Endeavour Wendy Francis.  John also gave greetings.

The cultural show involved live entertainment including songs, dance, tassa drummers, and the crowning of a Divali Queen.

Providing the night’s entertainment was the Modern Rhythms Band with Rawtee  Ramroop, Rajesh Dallah and Aoshay Kandoo.

Children of Mastana vocalist winner Valya Dowtal also performed along with the  the Suryarmika Dance Group.

The need for light never been greater 

And in his Divali message, Rambally said darkness was not just physical but it can be political, social, intellectual or economic and sometimes a combination.

He said, “Light is not simply that which displaces darkness. Rather it is that which removes darkness by offering true and lasting solutions. We need solutions by which we can conquer problems that seem to be gripping humanity by its throat. Perhaps now is a time like no other. Perhaps the need for light has never been greater.”

Members of Parliament Dinesh Rambally, foruth from right, and Rushton Paray, left, Senators Jearlean John, third from right, Anil Roberts, left, Damian Lyder, centre standing, and other members of the UNC join in Divali celebrations with Dharmacharya Pandit Dr Rampersad Parasram

Rambally said each deeya lit is an expression of that longing for solutions. 

“We implore the Divine to bring us to a place where our perception of the problems that are before us is not tainted by prejudice and empty emotional dribble. Instead, we implore the Creator to grant us an unfaltering intellect to discern between what is needed versus what is merely expedient, to see the difference between what is right and wrong, and to understand the pain of others, even if it may not be our personal pain at the moment.”

Rambally added, “We pray for that light by which we access proper perception and an enhanced ability to remove problems, to remove the darkness of many sorts. Let me also remind you that each time we light a deeya, we are in fact adding our little light to add to the mounting brilliance of many rows and rows of deeyas. The more deeyas we light, the greater our brilliance’ as a people.”


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