Stocks Fall as Trump Imposes New Tariffs on China

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European stock markets have fallen after another surprise decision by US President Donald Trump.

He has imposed new tariffs on a further US $300 billion of Chinese imports.

The tariffs would target a wide range of goods including smartphones and clothing.

The FTSE 100 and the leading indexes in France and Germany all fell by more than 2% each, BBC is reporting.

Trump’s decision came after the latest round of bilateral talks showed little sign of a breakthrough.

The 10% tariffs, due to take effect on September 1, is effectively taxing all Chinese imports to the US.

The FTSE 100 dropped by 2% to 7,426.13 points. In Germany, the Dax index dropped by 2.3% and the Cac 40 in France declined by 2.4%.

In Asia, the Nikkei closed 2.1% lower and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng ended down 2.3%.



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