See Areas with No Water: Leaking Pipeline

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A DELAY in emergency works being done on a leaking 48-inch diameter transmission pipeline at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant means that repairs are expected to be completed by 4 pm on Wednesday.

This was stated in a release from the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) on Wednesday morning.

It stated that the nature of the works was highly technical and extensive.

WASA stated that parts of North Trinidad, served by the Caroni Water Treatment Plant were affected.

The areas include:

  • Oropune Gardens;
  • parts of St Augustine;
  • Curepe;
  • Valsayn;
  • St Joseph;
  • Champ Fleurs;
  • Mt Hope;
  • Mt Lambert

Areas served by the Valsayn Booster Stations A & B:

  • Saddle Road;
  • San Juan;
  • Bagatelle;
  • Laventille Road;
  • Febeau Village;
  • Success Village;
  • Malick;
  • Trou Macaque;
  • Santa Cruz

Areas served by the El Socorro Booster Station:

  • Barataria;
  • Morvant;
  • East Dry River;
  • St Barbs;
  • Gonzales;
  • Belmont;
  • Port of Spain;
  • Woodbrook;
  • St James;
  • Cocorite;
  • St Ann’s;
  • Cascade


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