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 Saddam: Armour Admits Guilt…  MP Claims No Application for Another Affidavit Made in Miami Court

Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein. Photo/T&T Parliament

Saddam: Armour Admits Guilt…

MP Claims No Application for Another Affidavit Made in Miami Court
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By Sue-Ann Wayow

IT’S about time that Attorney General Reginald Armour does the honourable thing and resigns from his post.

Member of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan Saddam Hosein on Wednesday detailed the timeline of Armour’s involvement in the Piarco International Airport matter and again called on him to resign.

Hosein was speaking during an Opposition’s media briefing on Wednesday.

Holding up a copy of a statement issued by the Attorney General on Sunday he said that document showed that Armour has admitted guilt.

In the statement on Sunday, Armour said his involvement in a criminal case in the local courts in which he was a defence attorney for former minister Brian Kuei Tung was much more than what he put in an affidavit to a Miami court and that he was not afforded the opportunity to file another affidavit in the matter to correct the record.

However, Hosein said the reliance on memory was just an excuse.

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He said the case arising out of the construction of the Piarco International Airport was the largest legal one in the history of Trinidad and Tobago.

“For Mr Armour to be telling the country that that statement he made that he was a junior lawyer it is very difficult to believe Mr Armour. It is one of the largest cases, you must have remembered your involvement,” Hosein said.

Speaking about himself, Hosein who is also an attorney, said he could remember his first case and first client and all who were involved in that matter.

He also said Armour would have been aware of a conflict of interest since March 30. Armour was appointed as Attorney General on March 16 replacing Faris Al-Rawi.

Hosein said Armour had more than enough time to verify facts, including conducting a Google search before putting his signature on the affidavits.

“We are saying there was no due diligence done in that particular matter. Mr Armour had 11 days in which to collect that particular information instead of filing this particular affidavit. One has to wonder whether or not Mr Armour is being truthful in this matter,” he said.

According to documents Hosein possessed which included a transcript of the Miami court’s hearing on April 26, Hosein said an application was not even made for a subsequent affidavit.

He said, “Mr Armour, you could probably fool Rowley but you cannot fool the United National Congress and the Opposition.”

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