Rambally- We Don’t Need a Sermon Erla

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

CITIZENS do not need a sermon on the importance of prayer from Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher, what they need is modern, data driven anti-crime plans, coupled with public officials who do not deflect their responsibility on to others, including God.

This is the statement made by Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West Dinesh Rambally as he expressed disappointment in the CoP’s statements on Wednesday at a breakfast meeting in Chaguanas.


He said her statements that there was an evil in the land and regardless of what policing strategies were in place, unless God intervenes, then the crime rate will decrease was an insult to citizens and especially victims of crime.

“Is the Commissioner of Police saying that the record number of murders for 2022 was as a result of a lack of prayer?” Rambally asked in a media release on Thursday.


The MP said on Thursday morning, a family in his constituency were the victims of a horrific home invasion. Another constituent is currently in the hospital having been critically wounded when the bandits crashed into her. 

“Is the Commissioner of Police saying that these victims were not praying enough?” Rambally also asked.

“If Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher is seriously telling the nation that her major anti-crime initiative is to essentially ‘pray murders and robberies away’, then she is unfit to manage the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service,” Rambally said.

Speaking as a devout Hindu himself who practices Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family), he said people nationwide practice their respective faiths in synchronicity.

This period alone had Hindus, Christians and Muslims fasting and praying as they celebrate several holy occasions.

Rambally said, “Trinidad and Tobago is already a nation steeped in worship and prayer,”  


He added that he also noted that Christopher’s “sermon” mirrors Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s and National Security Minister Hinds’s call to prayer in 2022 when Trinidad and Tobago was set to record the highest number of murders. 


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