Psychologist Discusses Mental Health During Lockdown

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By Prior Beharry

MENTAL health is not openly discussed.

This according to Athletic Director and Founder of Spartans TT Sports Club Garvin Warrick.

He said, “We understand that mental health is not something openly discussed in many homes with young people. We therefore sought the expertise of a sport and exercise psychologist to help bridge that gap for youth to see the link between sport, activity and mental health and well-being.”

Warrick comments were part of a release by bmobile on Thursday that will help host along with Spartans TT an online mental health discussion with sport and exercise psychologist Alexandria Olton on Saturday.

Athletic Director and Founder of Spartans TT Garvin Warrick strongly believes in the need for parents and children to pay greater attention to aspects of mental health as the country continues various lockdown measures to suppress the covid-19 spread.

General Manager Shared Services for TSTT Gerard Cooper said,  “When we saw this opportunity to provide technological support for an important discussion such as this, we immediately embraced it.

“Mental health is a critical aspect of health particularly at this time for our country when we are in a pandemic and a State of Emergency with curfew measures in place.”

He said, “While it may be difficult to stay motivated and active, we hope everyone does find a way to do both – and if you need support, regardless of your age or health, then this discussion will be valuable for you too.”

Olton is a qualified Sport and Exercise Psychologist, the Director of Mindology, Trinidad, and a newspaper columnist.

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She works primarily with athletic and sporting populations of varying ages and competitive levels, including national and international elite and Olympic athletes.

The discussion, titled Stop The Press: Dealing with Lockdown, will be moderated by Ty Warwick, Maya Richards and Saleen Allen, who are all U17 Basketballers and Holy Name Convent students.

The session will take place on YouTube and Facebook Live at 7pm on Saturday.

Interested persons can sign up via or call 725-2323.


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