Government, Opposition: Pot Calling Kettle Black

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Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

IMAGINE you own a business, you’ve built it up from nothing, it’s successful, it’s your own.

Now, because it is impossible to do everything yourself you have decided to hire a manager.

You’ve found a great candidate, they are charismatic, experienced and everyone likes them. Perfect right? Well, you get a background check done and realise this “perfect” candidate isn’t exactly kosher… if you know what I mean.

Turns out your candidate is out on bail and being investigated for financial fraud, has a case against him for financial assault, has been accused and is being investigated for accepting bribes.

Aww man, but he is so likeable and seems like he can the job. So, what do you do?


Most of us would not hire this individual. Despite all the pros, those cons are too dangerous to ignore.

With this in mind I ask, if you would not hire this individual to handle your affairs, why are we being asked to vote and put our trust in individuals who have similar, if not the same, legal issues as our hypothetical employee.

Why should we put our trust in people who are tarnished by the stain of corruption. Yes, everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Last week I touched on the lunacy of the United National Congress (UNC) welcoming Jack Warner back into their party.

Warner is currently wanted by the FBI and was heavily involved in one of the largest cases of international corruption.

Yes, he was perceived as an effective minister, but can he really be trusted?

Let’s explore the Opposition, we have Gary Griffth who is currently under investigation for misconduct,
Chief Whip David Lee out on bail on fraud charges, East Oropouche MP Dr Roodal Moonilal who has had his share of allegations cast at him and lest we not forget Opposition Senator Anil Roberts, who was involved in the infamous Life Sport.

Apparently, we are supposed to ignore these red flags and place trust in these candidates, cause “hey they have to be better than what we are currently dealing with?” For reals!?

Then we have the People’s National Movement Government welcoming former minister of sport and youth affairs Darryl Smith back into the fray with arms wide open.

Smith was axed after it was revealed that $150,000 of public funds was paid to Carrie-Ann Moreau in an unfair dismissal claim who accused Smith of sexual harassment.

So, my question to the PNM is are we supposed to be okay with the serious accusations of sexual harassment being glossed over and condone the use the of our tax dollars to help get one of their members out of trouble?

Let’s not even get into Watson Duke, who is out on bail for sexual assault.

I mean people, are we serious? And as citizens we must take some level of responsibility for this stupidness. We have consistently defended our politicians’ bad behaviour by not calling them out.

We have condoned their wrongs with our votes and loyalty.

How are these people supposed to solve our problems?

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Essentially our government, opposition and everyone in between is just a pack of the pot calling the kettle black.

Everyone’s just living in glass houses throwing stones and the desperate electorate is there with their dustpan and brooms willing to accept the mess because they have become so blinded by the cult of personality, tribalism and pure apathy they are willing to overlook all the faults of these men and women desperately fighting for power.

That being said, I am quite looking forward to seeing the results of Local Government Elections. Will the PNM hold their power? Will UNC’s coalition plans work to regain some ground? Will the smaller parties help break up the status quo?

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In the meantime, I ask you to examine your candidates, your party, and think would I trust this person with my personal money, with my business, with my family, with my wellbeing. I am praying many of you will discover you won’t.

To be a better nation, to live in the country we know we can be, we need to demand higher standards from our politicians and not be asked to ignore the red flags because candidate for xxx has a charming smile and seems like he would pave our roads.


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