Alexander: How Illegal Guns Come into T&T?

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Opposition bandwagon has become a desperate circus with its ringleader being dramatic for attention.

This, Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) political leader Phillip Alexander said on Friday.

Commenting on the Opposition’s proposed Stand Your Ground law with added statements of “empty the clip,” Alexander said one of the main issues not being addressed was the illegal entry of guns and ammunition in the country.

He said, “What they not answering is how all these illegal guns come to be in the country in the first place. Both PNM and UNC deliberately refused to secure the borders, and we must make them answer for that.”

Alexander said every homeowner has the right to defend their homes and families with as much justifiable force as the situation requires which was knowledgeable to the Opposition and its associate parties.

“This is all gimmicks of a bunch of people who are trying to duck answering for their dismal track record at local government,” he said.

Alexander said the only sensible thing for the electorate to do on August 14 will be to vote for the only party that has a track record of fixing things on a massive scale without ever holding public office.

He said his party would secure the borders to end the flow of drugs and guns, unstuff all containers on the port to end the flow of all contraband, make jobs the number one priority to end poverty that turns urban youth into home invaders  and properly pay and incentivize  law enforcement to serve and protect with efficiency and pride.

Alexander said, “Stunts sound good at election time, but you need to vote for people who would actually get the job done.”


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