PoS Artificial, Sando Dead, Chaguanas should be a City – Alexander

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE growth in Chaguanas is being stifled by Government and a call is once again being made for it to become an official city.

Political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Alexander said, “Of all the cities that they say Trinidad has, Chaguanas is the only natural city and it is not a city which is ironic.”

He was speaking during an interview with I95.5FM on Thursday.


The PEP will soon be setting up an office in Chaguanas.

Alexander said, “We want to do work in Chaguanas, we want to help the people in Chaguanas.”

He explained what he meant by Chaguanas being the only “natural city.”

The political leader said, “If you go down San Fernando, San Fernando is called a city but it dead, if you go into Port of Spain, the 250,000 people that are brought artificially to Port of Spain every day and then sent home after makes it a pseudo -city. It is not a real city and if you took the government offices out of Port of Spain, Port of Spain will be dead.”


Alexander added, “But if you go Chaguanas on any given day with no pull other than the commercial activity in Chaguanas, Chaguanas is a bustling city.”

Pre-action protocol letter served to Chaguanas Mayor 

He spoke about the Chaguanas market saying that Mayor of Chaguanas Faaiq Mohammed has been served with a pre-action protocol letter.

The letter was for Breach of Contractual Obligations by Chaguanas Borough Corporation at Chaguanas Market.

The vendors are claiming that there was a range of longstanding issues that demonstrate the Corporation’s breach of its contractual duties.


Alexander said, “The market is in terrible condition… we are going to stand for the vendors of Chaguanas.”

He added that if he was prime minister, the market would have been extended over another 10 acres.

The PEP also said, “The country would benefit from moving the government offices that are in Port-of-Spain  to the centre of the island.”

Proper traffic and transportation plans were needed for Chaguanas, Alexander said.

He said, “They are trying to stifle Chaguanas from growing further because people get frustrated by traffic…I strongly advocate for Chaguanas to be made a city and that resources be expended…”

The port at Pt Lisas should also be utilised more as most of the containers arriving at the Port of Spain leave the city adding to traffic on the roads, Alexander said.

PEP will hold a public meeting at Ramsaran Street on Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm.


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