Police Find Toucans, Monkeys in Morne Diablo

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DETECTIVES of the Penal Criminal Investigations Department (CID) seize toucans and capuchin monkeys in a forested area in Morne Diablo.

According to a release of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), the officers received information that prohibited animals were being caged in a forested area.

On Wednesday the officers went to Grants Trace, Quarry Road, Morne Diablo, where they discovered two wooden cages, one containing three adult toucans, three baby toucans and two capuchin monkeys.

The operation was led by Sgt Haynes of the Penal CID.

The officers also found a black plastic bag which contained 38 grammes of marijuana.

The rescued animals were handed over to the Game Wardens Department and the narcotics destroyed.

The operation also included acting Sgt Breddy, Cpl George and officers from the Penal CID, South-Western Division Task Force and Canine Unit.

Sgt Haynes is continuing investigations.


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