Judiciary Admits Judges are Sometimes De-selected in Assignment of Cases

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THE Case Management System in the Supreme Court is designed to randomly assign judges to new cases upon filing.

This was stated in a release from the Judiciary on Thursday and follows a complaint by Justice Frank Seepersad that he has been bumped off the system since August.

The release stated, “The system is further supported by a Calendaring and Case Management Committee should there be the need for a judge to recuse him or herself or the judge is unable to sit for any reason after random assignment or to address any problems relating to assignments under the system.

“On the odd occasion, the automated system may arbitrarily de-select a judge for the assignment of cases.

“This issue has been treated appropriately on any occasion it has arisen and in no way affects the random assignment of matters as they continued to be assigned to all other judges on the civil docket.

Justice Frank Seepersad

“The Case Management System has functioned to date as originally designed and operated within the limits of redundancies normally associated with this type of software.”

Justice Seepersad had called for a full investigation after his name was “bumped off” the system that assigned cases to judges in the High Court.

He had asked acting Registrar of the Supreme Court Kerri-Ann Oliverie why he had not been assigned new constitutional and judicial review cases.

It was reported in local media that Justice Seepersad was told that a software error in August caused his name to be bumped off.


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