PNM Women Slam Political Behaviour Council

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By Prior Beharry

THE People’s National Movement criticises the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour stating that it is partial in its treatment of the PNM compared to other parties.

It has also questioned the actions of the council’s chairman Dr Bishnu Ragoonath, who serves as a political analyst and appears to single out the PNM for reprimand.

In a release on Saturday the PNM Women’s League that the party valued democratic principles, human rights and fair elections and signed the council’s goals in 2013 aligning with its commitment to upholding ethical standards in politics.

It stated, “However, recent events have raised questions about the council’s impartiality, particularly when it comes to treating the PNM compared to other political parties.

While we acknowledge the importance of holding all parties accountable, we find it troubling that the council’s Chairman appears to single out the PNM for reprimands while overlooking similar actions by other political entities.

“This double standard undermines public trust in the council’s ability to act fairly and without prejudice.

“A clear example of this perceived bias is the recent reprimand of the Honourable Prime Minister for his speech, while the council has remained silent on derogatory remarks made by the MP for Princes Town towards the Prime Minister on multiple occasions.

“Such inconsistencies raise doubts about the council’s consistency and fairness in handling political misconduct.

“Moreover, the council’s Chairman, also serving as a political analyst, has been vocal in criticizing the PNM, while not holding other parties to the same scrutiny. This pattern of criticism directed predominantly at the PNM further deepens concerns about the council’s impartiality.”

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The PNM Women stated it was deeply concerned that the council has overlooked infractions by member of the United National Congress (UNC).

It stated, “Examples include the Opposition Leader’s use of derogatory language such as labelling the Prime Minister an ‘Oreo,’ as well as the portrayal of black people in their 2020 ads as ‘begging and starving.’

“Additionally, Anil Roberts’ derogatory remarks about members of the PNM and the opposition leader’s comment about a parliamentary colleague’s name being derived from a slave master, just to name a few.”

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It added, “This further raise questions about the council’s impartiality and commitment to upholding ethical standards in political discourse.

“The PNM remains steadfast in its commitment to fair governance and recognizes the critical role of the Ethics Council in upholding ethical behaviour in politics.

“However, for the council to maintain its credibility, it must demonstrate transparency, fairness, and accountability in its decision-making processes.”


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