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 Overnight Crime Round-up: Officer Shoots Gyro Bandit

Overnight Crime Round-up: Officer Shoots Gyro Bandit

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A police officer is shot during an attempt to rob a gyro vendor in California in Central on Monday night.

Reports indicated that the officer was purchasing dinner when bandits armed with guns announced a robbery.

Police said one of the bandits recognised the officer who is attached to the Central Division Task Force and shot at him.

The officer, police said, shot at one of the bandits and hit him.

Police said the officer was taken for medical attention and an all points bulletin has been issued for the robbers.

Murder at Calvary

Homicide officers are looking into the fatal shooting of a man in Arima on Monday night.

Police responded to a report of gunfire at Calvary Hill around 10 pm and when they arrived they found Joshua Augustus suffering from wounds about his body. He was not responsive.

Man Chopped in Curepe

Police are also investigating reports that a man was chopped on his head at Old Tim Street in Curepe on Monday night.

Reports noted that man was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex by officers who were on patrol duty.

Police are still looking for the assailant.

Grande Shooting

Police said a man was shot at Pine Settlement in Sangre Grande just after 10 pm on Monday. He was taken to hospital and investigations are continuing.

Mini Mart Robbery

Gasparillo police are also investigating a robbery at Mark’s Mini Mart at Caratal Road.

Investigators said a man walked into the business smashed a showcase and stole a phone and a tablet on Monday.

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