Only Local Online Christmas Shopping for Me

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‘Whoever  said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping’ – Bo Derek


By Neela Ramsundar

THE countdown to Christmas is on!

A time for bustling sales to populate the floor of Christmas trees. But this year more than any year, what little Christmas shopping I’m doing, it’s going to be done stress-free! How so? For starters, I’m not doing any physical store runs. I am buying locally from online shops and sites and opting for home deliveries!

I commend the dozens upon dozens of local entrepreneurs who invested in online and social media platforms for sales, particularly during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. I intend to patronise you. But I have a very, very important point to make.

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With shrinking pockets, the price of fuel for motor vehicles skyrocketing to astronomical figures, potholes more than streets, and more bad drives on the road than my poor heart can handle, I am not driving to your store to find out the price of that item you posted on Instagram or Facebook! Or to find out what you have on “sale.” That is not happening. There is no baiting advertisements anymore! Show your prices!

If you do not care to post yuh prices with yuh photo, I shall move on to the next store/vendor. I am not even asking for the price of that item that initially piqued my interest, because you wasted my time looking at an incomplete marketing ad in the first place.

In this country we manufacture very little, thus practically everything is imported. What we cannot get from store A, store B will have it. We, the consumers, are busy people and time constrained. Don’t make us jump through hoops to get a little information.

To the store owners and vendors, let me underscore that we, the consumers, appreciate your transparency. Putting out there, with your photos, all the relevant information we need, particularly the price, to make a purchase decision builds not only trust, but brand loyalty!

And we want to be loyal! We really don’t like shopping around if we can help it!

Online shopping is the path of the present and the way of the future. Dear local entrepreneurs, make online shopping easy on us and we’ll stick to you like glue to paper. Be safe T&T!

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