Oma Grieving Immensely

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OMA PANDAY, the wife of the late Badseo Panday, is grieving immensely.

This according to her daughter Mickela Panday speaking to reporters at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA) on Tuesday as her father’s body lay in honour at the facility.

She said he mother had lost her life partner.

Mrs Panday was noticibly absent from at the military ceremony and the viewing of her husband’s body at the Red House on Friday in then again on Monday at SAPA when his body was again presented for public viewing.

Mickela said, “We are human beings that happen to live in the public eye, but she is a human being, again she has so much strength, you have wonderful people around you but it’s hard.

“This is her life partner. She is grieving immensely but I believe that she has been so strong. I am proud of her and she will do this, we will do this together.”

She said Oma’s children will look after her so “dad doesn’t have to worry.”

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