Augustine: No More Nice Guy

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Tobago House of Assembly (THA) has no problem in firing or taking other action against non-performing public servants regardless of position.

THA’s Chief Secretary Farley Augustine declared this on Friday during a live public address.

He said for far too long, the People’s National Movement (PNM) politicians that sat in the THA’s executive chairs for decades have been squandering THA funds that were already limited from Central government contributing to little or no major development in Tobago.

Augustine said his executive needed to stop being nice.

He said, “We will not shy away from doing our duty. That is why we have already fired one worker, we will take civil action, allegations were laid before the Public Service Commission against an administrator, further civil action will be taken and we will take all those responsible to the courts of the land and let them pay for what they have done to the people of Tobago.”

Augustine also said, “The bigger issue at stake here is your autonomy.”

He told Tobagonians that once again, Central government would be against measures taken by the THA that aid in Tobago become closer to self-governance.

“Every single time, we allow the Central government and a political party to eat away at your autonomy, you are destroying the institution that is the Tobago House of Assembly,” Augustine warned.

On Monday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, lambasted Augustine for not revealing to him, action that was taken against a senior public servant in Tobago who was recommended to become the next Chief Administrator of the THA adding that he will not be blamed for the THA lacking a Chief Administrator. That position remains vacant.

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