New Boardwalk at Caroni Swamp

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Caption: Minister of Agriculture Kazim Hosein with Minister in his Ministry Avinash Singh, and officials celebrate the official opening of the Boardwalk at the Caroni Swamp Visitor’s Centre

By Prior Beharry

ON the occasion of World Wetlands Day, Minister of Agriculture Land and Fisheries Kazim Hosein inaugurated the new boardwalk at Caroni Swamp.

In a ceremony on Friday, Hosein opened the boardwalk, at the iconic wetland known for being home to the brightly coloured Scarlet Ibis.

The structural addition allows visitors of all abilities an opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the wetland without the need for a boat.

Permanent Secretary Farook Hosein delivered the keynote address paying homage to the Caroni Swamp’s status as a bastion of biodiversity.

He said, “The new boardwalk is a testament to our dedication to conservation and sustainable tourism.”

Minister Hosein engaged with children, framing them as the future custodians of the environment. He underscored the critical function of wetlands in supporting ecosystems, protecting against natural disasters, and their overarching importance for community prosperity.

The minister Hosein encouraged the students to spread their newfound knowledge about the importance of wetland conservation.

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Kazim Hosein presents an award to a student of St Joseph TML

Earth’s wetlands act as natural sponges, absorbing rainfall and providing protection from flooding while offering a habitat for a multitude of species.


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