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 My Conspiracy Theories After a Hard Week

My Conspiracy Theories After a Hard Week

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By Alicia Chamely

NOT going to lie, like everyone else I love a conspiracy theory. The weirder they are the better.

It has always intrigued me how these theories come about. Also I think it must be sort of fun to look at something or some event and create an entirely bats#@t crazy story about it.

Granted it is a bit worrying knowing there are soft skulled individuals out there looking to justify their own craziness or looking to find some deeper meaning to the dullness of their lives who will buy your crap hook, line and sinker. But, meh, to each his own, I am but a simple story teller.

So I decided to give it a try. Reader, you are in for a treat.

Welcome to A-Anon. After drinking some thought expanding red wine and eating at least four extra sugary Kiss Goodies I have had an awakening. There seems to be some inconsistencies in the news this week, and I am here today to rouse you from your brainwashed slumber.

Petrotrin: An Oil Refinery or Venezuelan Weapon Factory?

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bisessar sounded the warning bells this past week when she questioned as to whether the refinery, which was supposedly in negotiations to be sold to the union owned Patriotic Energies and Technologies Co Ltd was actually being held for the ruthless Nicholas Maduro, President of Venezuela.

Notice how the “sale” of the refinery seems to be stalling? Notice how our Venezuelan population continues to grow? Did we really think Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez came into T&T to discuss Covid 19?

After some serious deep thoughts and selective investigation it is obvious as to what is going on.

Since its closure the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery has been secretly leased to the Venezuelan Government to facilitate munitions manufacturing without raising alarms among international “peace keeping” bodies that have spies in Venezuela.

We don’t have refugees in T&T; we have highly trained weapon developers coming here under the guise of “refugees.”

The whole back and forth between the government and Patriotic is a cleverly crafted narrative to mislead the public. It cannot (or can be) denied the Oilfield and Workers’ Trade Union has been in on it since the start.

Close sources, which may or may not be figments of my imagination, have confirmed that at night buses drop hundreds, if not thousands, of Venezuelan weapons experts to the “abandoned” refinery.

Comprehensive Insurance in Guyana

It can be proved, not necessarily by me, that this is all part of plot between the Governments of T&T and Venezuela to invade and occupy parts of South America and Caribbean to assert their control over the Americas. It alleged to be called Operation EmpandaParang.

The New Covid Variant in T&T is Lie To Justify The Continued Closure Of Schools and Our Borders

Hold on folks this one ties directly into Operation EmpandaParang.

On Wednesday the Ministry of Health announced that new variant of the Covid-19 virus (ha like that’s even real) has made it onto our shores. Supposedly some national returning from the UK tested positive while in state quarantine.

You aren’t fooling me Terrence!

Seems a bit coincidental this new variant of this supposed virus was discovered on the same day stakeholders were meant to discuss the possibility of reopening schools. Additionally it seems to have “arrived” here around the same time the Opposition has put forward a motion of no confidence against Minister of National Security Stuart Young for what they believe is the mishandling of the border closure.

Truthbomb! The government does not want schools to reopen because they are using online learning and those school packages to transmit subliminal messages to our children, brainwashing them into accepting the new allegiance between T&T and Venezuela. They want our youths to act as foot soldiers when EmpandaParang commences. They are training them to act as spies, to infiltrate, disarm and cripple other Caribbean and South American Governments. No one will suspect an adorable eight year old is capable of espionage.

Don’t believe me? Ask your child to count to ten in Spanish. Bet you they can do it! Part of the syllabus? Yeah right!

The arrival of this new variant also acts to justify the continued closure of our borders. Notice how some people can get in and out without a hitch, and others have been left out for months and months with no avail?

It’s simple, really. According to my informants, that again may or may not be actual living persons, the people who are repeatedly denied entry back into their homeland are actually spies or other operatives working for the CIA or MI6. These nationals weren’t on vacation or attending family matters when borders closed, they were being trained in various underground facilities to dismantle Operation EmpandaParang.

It’s all so obvious! Just remember I warned you all!

(Please note this is all a pack of crap, I’ve had a hard week and needed to make myself and hopefully you laugh. I can’t say it enough but I Don’t Have Court Clothes!)

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  • Makes complete sense to me! Government Brainwashing, Espionage, Imperial Occupations! I will spread the word – Operation EmpandaParang is real!

  • Excellent reading ! Well writ! Reeks of deep state and playing to dimwits !

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