Move All-inclusive Carnival Bands out of POS

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By Prior Beharry

A CALL is being made to move all-inclusive Carnival bands with their amplified music trucks out of the capital city of Port of Spain.

So said activists Phillip Edward Alexander speaking to AZP News over the weekend.

He said, “Manufacturing the mas used to create massive employment. Now all those skills dead and that employment dead. 

“Having bands pass through areas where people were able to set up their lil’ bar and the lil’ food stall, massive employment, money drills right down to the bottom rungs of society all that dead (because) of all-inclusive bands wine on a truck.

“Why is is it still in town (Port of Spain). It doesn’t need to be in town anymore, it serves no purpose in town and in fact the amplified music trucks is a real source of torture to the residents of those communities.

“Woodbrook and Newtown want Carnival gone a decade now. So the people who wining in those bands they not wining for any audience, they have nobody lining up on the side of the road to see them.

“The ropes throw the visitors out the band so now it’s just the closed doors of all-inclusive bands feeding itself, it don’t have to be in town – put them on the highway away from everybody else.

“Make a space in Central. Make a road in Central for them to jump around in a circle all the bands one behind the other. They will be happy and everybody else will be happy.

“Maybe if you move that Soca corporate mas out of town and ban amplified music trucks, original Trinidad Carnival will find its way back.

“Even J’ouvert is all-inclusive amplified trucks. Once you all-inclusive, once you amplified out of town, so that traditional J’ouvert, mud mas, paint mas, the original express of the culture could come back.”

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