Montano is 2024 Calypso Monarch

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Caption: A screengrab of the TTT Live stream of Machel Montano during his winning performance

By Prior Beharry

MACHEL Montano now adds Calypso Monarch to his myriad of Carnival accolades.

He was crowned the 2024 Calypso Monarch at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain on Sunday.

Montano took some time off this season to pursue postgraduate studies but entered the Calypso Monarch competition, placing first in the semi-finals at the Calypso Fiesta in Skinner park last week. His song, Soul of Calypso, was his only release for the 2024 Carnival season.

Monarchs Karene Asche and Roderick ‘Chuck’ Gordon, both former Calypso monarchs, were second and third respectively.

Last year’s monarch  Duane Ta’Zayah O’Connor was ninth, while the favourite to take the Road March title Mical Teja was fourth with his mega hit DNA.

Montano is now the first person to win the Young Kings, Road March, Soca Monarch and Calypso Monarch titles.

He told the media that he was returning to defend his title in 2025. “If you win a title, then you must defend it,” he said.

 Montano’s first prize was $500,000 and a $350,000 Suzuki Grand Vitra.

Meanwhile Roxanne Omala and Joseph Lewis were crowned the Queen and King of Carnival respectively at the Dimanche Gras show. Omala portrayed Queen Tarantula while Lewis was Xhiokomak-Lord of the Underworld.

2024 Calypso Monarch results:

  1.  Machel Montano
  2.  Karene Asche
  3. Roderick ‘Chuck’ Gordon
  4. Mical Teja
  5.  Helon Francis
  6. Stacey Sobers
  7. Aaron Duncan
  8.  Kurt Allen
  9. Duane Ta’Zayah O’Connor
  10. Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters
  11. Brian London
  12. Dillon Thomas – Dilly Suede

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