Monday’s Weather: Partly Cloudy, Breezy, Showers

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Caption: An American Airlines plane, bottom right, fly through rain clouds over the Piarco International Airport

TODAY: Partly cloudy to cloudy and breezy with occasional showers, and the medium (60%) chance of the heavier shower and/or thunderstorm activity. Gusty winds and street/ flash flooding can occur in the event of heavy showers and/or thunderstorms.

The remainder of the Lesser Antilles:

Variably cloudy, breezy and hazy with a few light to moderate showers.


Seas are moderate with waves 1.5 metres to two metres in open waters and below one metre, occasionally choppy in sheltered areas.

Sunrise: 5.43 am                                      Sunset: 6.27 pm

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Forecast maximum:


Crown Point: 30ºC


Port of Spain

High: 2.24 am 3.47 pm

Low: 9.13 am                               9 pm

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High: 2.15 am                               3.33 pm

Low: 9.04  am                               8.57 pm 

*Information supplied by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.


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