Ministry Calls for Better Collaboration with Penal/Debe

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Ministry of Works and Transport is calling for greater collaboration with the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation in addressing issues of flooding.

The ministry issued a media release on Monday to address concerns raised by the Corporation’s Chairman Dr Allen Sammy that not enough was being done by the Government to aid prevent flooding in the flood-prone district that was under water from Sunday into Monday.

But the ministry, in outlining its works in the Penal/Debe region stated instead that the Corporation has not done enough in enforcing laws under its jurisdiction.

The release stated that while the Ministry of Works and Transport took its responsibilities seriously, it was crucial to emphasise the need for a collaborative approach to flood mitigation. 

Under the authority granted by the Municipal Corporations Act, Regional Corporations have the power to enforce laws related to waste disposal and the construction of unapproved structures.

With jurisdiction over municipal police and litter wardens, they have the ability to ensure that practices exacerbating flooding are managed or halted, the release stated.

The Ministry of Works stated, “Dr Sammy is well aware that despite the Ministry’s ongoing works, several matters under his purview, which have been left unaddressed, continue to impact flooding in the community. Despite the works undertaken by the Drainage Division, these issues that fall under the remit of the Regional Corporation continue to undermine the efforts of the Ministry. 

“The Ministry will continue to work with the Penal Regional Corporation and provide the necessary support to address issues contributing to community flooding. However, during trying situations such as this one, the focus should be placed on providing relief to the affected residents, not spreading political propaganda.”

Works conducted by the Works Ministry 

Through the Drainage Division, the Ministry stated that it has been actively implementing its strategic drainage plan in preparation for the rainy season embarking on a programme of works encompassing over 524 projects, excluding year-round desilting.

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In listing out the works conducted in several upstream and downstream water courses, the ministry stated that the New Cut Channel downstream of Pluck Road, Woodland, was scheduled to begin, while embankment reconstruction was planned for the left and right banks of the New Cut Channel upstream of Pluck Road and Calco, respectively. 

All the works were not “cosmetic in nature” and were aimed at managing the district’s annual flood challenges, the release stated.


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