No Red Card for CPL Playoffs

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By Prior Beharry

CHIEF Executive Officer (CEO) of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Pete Russell hints that the Red Card system introduced in this year’s tournament may be put on hold during the playoffs.

Speaking to AZP News on Saturday at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy (BLCA) before the start of the Trinbago Knight Riders vs Jamaica Tallawahs game, Russell said, “I think the only thing I would say is that, probably during the playoffs and final, there will be a little bit more jeopardy.

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“And I think, you don’t want a game to be lost on a red card, certainly when it’s knockout cricket. So I think we might look at it then and maybe put it on ice for the playoffs.”

The first-ever red card in the CPL was given to Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) captain Kieron Pollard at Warner Park in Basseterre on August 27.

It meant that in the last over of their innings, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots were allowed to bat against ten men and with only two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. TKR still won the game.

Pollard described the penalties as ridiculous.

He said, “To be honest, it will take away the hard work everyone has done.”

Pollard said, “We are like the pawns and we are going to do what we are told. We are going to play as fast as we can. If you are penalised for 30-45 seconds in a tournament like this, it is absolutely ridiculous.”

But, Russell said the system worked very well, adding it was only that one time that a team failed to get their overs completed in time.

He said, “Look, I think that was the only time that someone has failed to do it. So the reality is that the captains are now aware, the teams are now aware, they are quickening up, which is good.”

Russell added, “I think it worked very well. We are very happy with it.”

The new rules in the CPL relate to the last three overs of an innings:

  • If the fielding side does not start the 18 over on time, one additional fielder with enter the 30-yard circle with only four allowed outside:
  • If the team misses the time limit at the start of the 19th over,  one more player must enter the inner circle leaving three on the boundary: and
  • If there was still an infringement at the start of the last over, one player must leave the field and only two players would be allowed outside of the 30-yard circle.

The sanctions have been implemented, using the 85-minutes-per-innings rule for T20 cricket.

It means:

  • The 17th over of the innings must be completed by 72 minutes and 15 seconds:
  • The 18th by 76 minutes and 30 seconds; and
  • The 19th by 80 minutes and 45 seconds.

The CPL moves to Guyana this week and the playoffs start with the first qualifier on September 19 after the last game of the group stage two days before.


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