Major Repairs Done to Pipeline at Curepe

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THE Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) states that major repairs have been done to the ruptured transmission pipeline, along the westbound lane of Churchill Roosevelt Highway, in the vicinity of the Curepe Interchange.

In a release on Friday, it stated that major repairs were completed ahead of time, at 4 am on Friday and the supply restored along the Caroni North transmission system.

However, customers in parts of the Tunapuna/St Augustine area will continue to be impacted, as
work at the site is ongoing on a secondary pipeline that supplies these areas, the release noted.

Areas still affected included: Macoya, Pasea, Curepe, St Augustine, Valsayn South and Real Spring.

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WASA stated, “Motorists proceeding West along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, are reminded that the filter lane to the Curepe Interchange remains inaccessible to vehicles and therefore alternative routes should be used.

“Customers are advised that it may take up to forty-eight (48) hours for the service to normalise to some affected areas, in accordance with established water supply schedules.”

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