Longer Curfew in T&T for 2 Holidays

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For 2 the public holidays this week:

  • Supermarket Association members closed;
  • Pharmacies can open from 5.01am to 10.01am;
  • Weddings, funerals allowed only between 5.01am to 10.01am;
  • Hardware stores, electrical and plumbing establishments closed;
  • No sailings of inter-island ferry;
  • Curfew 10.02am to 5am.


By Prior Beharry

THE curfew has been lengthened for the Indian Arrival Day holiday on Monday and Corpus Christi on Thursday for 19 hours.

Therefore movement is only permitted between the hours of 5.01am to 10.01 am for these two public holidays.

Further only certain services are permitted during these hours.

The new curfew hours were revealed in an Order signed by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith on Sunday.

However, before this Order was signed, President Paula-Mae Weekes signed into law The Emergency Powers (No. 2) Regulations 2021 that came into effect from Saturday (May 29).

Under those Regulations, the businesses which can be opened from 5:01am to 10:01 am are listed.

As per Regulation 14, those that can be opened are:

  • pharmacies
  • churches and other religious institutions for the conduct of funeral and wedding services, and
  • the myriad of “essential services” including supermarkets, protective services, health services, legal services, energy sector services, the Judiciary and Parliament.

However, although they are permitted under the Regulations to remain open for those five hours, members of the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) have voluntarily decided to close their doors.

This is keeping in line with what Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said a press conference on Saturday of restriction of movement for the two holidays this week. He also noted that hardware stores will be completely closed and this has been stated in the new regulations.




The inter-island ferry has also cancelled all sailing on these two public holidays, a release from the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Transport Company Limited stated on Sunday.


Outside of the two public holidays, Regulation 11 stated the restaurants shall remain closed and shall not supply or distribute prepared meals for sale to:

(a) supermarkets, groceries, markets, green grocers, bakeries, poultry depots;

(b) retail membership discount stores;

(c) wholesale stores for the provision of food, medicine or other necessities of life;

(d) pharmacies; or

(e) convenience marts attached to petroleum stations, except where authorised by the Minister.


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