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Dear Editor,

During the recent “Conversations with the Prime Minister” held last week, Dr Keith Rowley, in a rant too convoluted to be transcribed here, alluded to the fact that items which the PNM had included in their election manifestoes, such as property tax and the revenue authority, ought not to be contested in the court as the fact that the PNM won the election meant that they had a democratic mandate to enact these ideas, which ought to supersede the court.

Needless to say, this is one of the worst interpretations of democracy and the democratic process I think I’ve ever heard because, at the end of the day, any new legislation and policy taken by the government must still abide by the Constitution and the rights and freedoms enshrined. No prime minister or political leader should ever be given the power to do whatever they want simply because of the mandate of the electorate or their political party, even if they win an election based on campaign promises must understand that these items must be folded into the current legislative agenda instead of replacing it entirely. 


And it was funny to listen to this because when you contrast this with the exceptional leadership demonstrated by Kamla Persad-Bissessar within the United National Congress you better understand what sets her apart from not only Keith Rowley and the PNM but also other political parties and aspiring leaders. 

I’ve spoken on this topic before but the UNC’s growth under Kamla’s guidance is actually quite remarkable, especially when compared to the leadership of Basdeo Panday in the past, as she has been able to consistently grow the number of votes and seats her party had received while in opposition, something that was thought to be impossible prior. This is mainly because of her recognition that a political party’s strength lies not only in its core members but also in its ability to attract new supporters, so by reaching out to other parties and engaging with their followers, she has expanded the UNC’s reach. 


More than that, however, Kamla has made it her mission to actively listen to diverse voices and embrace ideas from across the nation and it is this willingness to engage with different perspectives that fosters unity and encourages collaboration. Other leaders would do well to follow her example by creating spaces for dialogue and valuing input from all corners of society.

While some within the UNC may aspire to replace Kamla as leader, they have yet to demonstrate their worth to the party membership. Leadership isn’t about mere hunger for power, it requires a track record of service, dedication, and electoral success. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, having received the electoral support of the party membership on multiple occasions since 2010, remains the most credible choice to lead the UNC to victory in a general election. 

Moreover, Kamla has been mandated by those same party members to complete delivery on the promises that she had started implementing in 2010, which is the driving force behind why half of the population has remained loyal to her over the years. Since 2010 Kamla has advocated for:

  • the tightening of national security and border security to protect the citizens of this country;
  • increased investment in education, emphasising the importance of quality schooling for all; 
  • emphasized healthcare as a priority and had launched numerous initiatives to improve healthcare infrastructure, including the construction of hospitals and clinics;
  • infrastructure projects, such as the Point Fortin Highway and the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension; and
  • regional and international diplomacy and she has advocated for stronger ties with neighbouring countries.

These are the issues at the forefront of the minds of those persons who have faithfully supported the UNC and Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and no other political leader, or aspiring leader, has shown the ability to inspire confidence from the populace that they could do a better job in delivering on this mandate. And the truth of the matter is that no one is being suppressed in presenting their ideas to the national community on what they might offer as a political leader or Prime Minister, therefore, the fact that Kamla Persad Bissessar remains the only viable option to replace the PNM in 2025 demonstrates her unique ability to inspire the electorate and give them the hope for a brighter future that they are longing for. 

As a lifelong UNC member and supporter, I stand firmly behind Kamla Persad Bissessar and her commitment to UNC’s principles, her tireless efforts, and her ability to bridge gaps which all culminate in making her the ideal leader at this time.

I pledge my unwavering support to Kamla and her team, as I am confident that she will continue to steer our party toward a brighter future. As such, as we navigate the complex political landscape, Kamla’s vision remains our compass and the UNC’s success hinges on her leadership. 

Ravi Balgobin Maharaj

Via email

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