House of Horrors in Valsayn: Skeletal Remains Unearthed

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THE skeletal remains of 18-year-old girl Hannah Mathura is believed to have been dug up from the backyard of a house in Valsayn on Tuesday.

According to reports from authorities, the discovery came after a relative tipped off the St Joseph Police Station, alleging that Mathura’s body had been buried on the property located at Butu Road in South Valsayn. Police responded to the call, but one male relative managed to flee the scene and remained at large.

Officers found four siblings, aged between 17 to 24, at the residence. However, neighbours revealed that over the years, as many as eight children had resided in the home.Describing the scene as akin to a “Hollywood movie,” one neighbour, who chose to remain anonymous, recounted a history of peculiar behaviour exhibited by the family. “Since I was growing up here, the behaviour of the people in that house has been strange.” on neighbour said.Reports suggest that Mathura had been interred since 2017. The remains, clad in a tube top, red pants, and underwear, were carefully excavated by officers with assistance from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II.

Snr Supt Richard Smith, head of the North-Central Division, told local media, “This is a perfect example of what can happen if we keep things to ourselves and withhold information.”

Police said they have had no reports of missing children fitting the description of those in the house.

Smith told a television station on Tuesday evening that although the young ones found in the house were in their teens and early 20s, they displayed child-like behaviour.

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