James: 12 years of Poor SEA Performances for Scarborough Schools

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

CHILDREN writing the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) in a district in Tobago have been highly underperforming for the past 12 years.

This is according to Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) candidate for Scarborough/Mt Grace Trevor James.


Speaking at the opening of a constituency office on Thursday, James said there were three primary schools in the district and he called the principals to confirm the data he already had.

He said, “Over the last 12 years, 60% of the children of the three schools combined  get below 40% in SEA. In ten years, we end up with mass unemployment in the district.”

He pledged to assist.

Hudson, Awninings

“Trevor James and his team will make an intervention in the primary school system in this district. I am committing tonight to work with the principals of these three primary schools, to identify five students who are under privilege, to identify the five most progressive high performing students, to identify the five athletic students in Standard Three and I am committing tonight, to write a personal development plan for those fortified students. It is only when we create futures for our generations, that we can transform this district,” he  said.


James said he places a high value on education having raised along with his wife, two open national scholarship winners.

He also spoke about the lack of proper facilities and asked supporters that if they were not happy with the type of representation they have so far received, it was time to choose otherwise.


James will be going up against the People’s National Movement (PNM) Marslyn Melville-Jack.

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections takes place on December 6.


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