ITNAC gets One-Off $10K Grant

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

NON-PROFIT organisation Is there Not a Cause (ITNAC) has received a one-off grant of $10,000 from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

Social Development Minister Donna Cox presented the cheque to founder of ITNAC, Avonelle Hector-Joseph at the organisation’s transitional home in Central Trinidad on Tuesday.

The provision of the one-off grant falls under the ministry’s NGO Unit that provides financial support to NGOs in the form of annual subventions or financing for one-off grants for specialized programmes or project support, a release from the ministry stated.

Cox told attendees, “I must applaud ITNAC for its intention to fully operationalise its third transitional housing facility, given the increasing demand for its transitional services. I understand that ITNAC receives many requests for transitional accommodation from individuals, other NGOs and government agencies. This has justified the need for the expansion of its transitional housing programme and the establishment of a third facility.”

Since 2013, ITNAC has been providing transitional housing for persons who have been displaced from their homes as a result of disaster, domestic violence or eviction.

Cox said such type of housing remained a priority for Government.

“Providing transitional housing is a major focus for this Government and by extension, this Ministry.  As such, the work of ITNAC is critical to the service delivery mechanism of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services,” she said.

Cox encouraged other NGOs to provide programmes and projects that will help, empower and transform the lives of the poor and vulnerable saying that the work of each NGO can make a difference.

Hector-Joseph commended the ministry noting that ITNAC had not received a contribution from a state agency in over 14 years. 

She said the grant will go towards the much-needed work towards the full operationalisation of the facility.

 The Ministry’s NGO Unit provides assistance to NGOs, CBOs and FBOs via two methods: subventions and one-off grants. 

The subvention provides NGOs with partial financial assistance to enable the sustainable delivery of a social service.

The one-off grants facility is a one-time financial support to an NGO to assist in the execution of a special social development programme or project. 

To find out more about assistance under the NGO Unit, organizations may call 623-2608 ext. 5023 or email


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