‘Intoxicated Crew’ Remove Barrier Ends up in Canal on Manzanilla By-pass Road

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By Prior Beharry

AN intoxicated crew removed barriers at the by-pass road next to the Manzanilla stretch and ended up in an open canal.

MP for Mayaro Rushton Paray is warning that the while the by-pass road was completed, it was not yet opened to vehicular traffic.


In a release on Sunday, he said, “I visited the site today and motorist are moving the barriers and being very aggressive to the gatekeepers.

“I am asking motorist to observe the no entry signs and refrain from traversing the bypass !  This is for your own safety.”


Paray said, “There is one incident in the last 48 hours where an intoxicated crew moved the barriers, veered off the bypass and ended up in an open canal. Two persons sustained mild injuries.

“Please allow the roadway to be officially opened on Tuesday before utilising it.”

The Manzanilla Road became impassable after heavy rains in November.


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